Bracewell LLP

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Bracewell, a leading law and government relations firm, occupied 50,000 SF of modern office space over two floors in Brookfield’s 2001 M Street. The two floors are joined by an internal staircase that was cut into the space.

Though the space primarily features enclosed offices, extensive use of glass walls allows large amounts of daylight penetrate from the building’s perimeter into its interior. All staff have use of desks that allow them to sit or stand as they work. All private offices are secured by fingerprint scanners.

The office includes three large conference rooms, a library, numerous breakout spaces, team rooms, coffee stations, a café, a lunchroom and catering pantry.

Cooling throughout is accomplished using low temperature series fan powered VAV boxes. A supplemental CRAC unit provides additional 24/7 cooling to the office’s IDF room.

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