BEPS Consulting

Preparing Your Project For Compliance

When you’re not sure where to begin, engaging GHT Limited in a BEPS Compliance Consulting Agreement can be a helpful first step on the path to compliance. Through this agreement, a building owner can gain access to a host of GHT services – from energy audits and studies to assistance with design and construction of energy conservation measures (ECMs). Under this structured agreement, GHT also provides support between the first BEPS compliance cycle and the established next threshold to respond to jurisdictional questions regarding compliance documentation.

Specific BEPS consulting services can be tailored to your building’s needs and include any, or all, of the following:

  • Baseline BEPS Analysis during Year 1 – audit of building’s ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager account; recommendations for modifying building description within Portfolio Manager; perform energy audits; creation of an energy model; assistance with compliance path selection.
  • Implementation of ECMs during Years 2 through 5 – coordination with Owner to execute planned energy conservation projects, including design and construction; verification of energy consumption and performance; review of incentive and financing options, including assistance with documentation; design-build and construction management services through our wholly-owned subsidiary Insight Construct, LLC.
  • Annual Reporting – preparation of annual reports during each compliance year outlining the building’s progress towards BEPS compliance; the annual report will measure project success and include any corrective actions to meet compliance target goals.

GHT’s goal is to provide you with a roadmap for achieving compliance within your jurisdiction’s current BEPS framework – and we can continue supporting you through construction, operations, and monitoring. Backed by the resources of our MEP engineering design studios, GHT has the resources to provide expert engineering design and documentation for all BEPS projects.