GHT LEED Gold Office Tour

1 AIA Learning Unit (GHT-ME-110314)
1 GBCI CE Hour (0920002419)

GHT has been practicing sustainable design for decades – before it was a buzz word or an industry standard. To align with that core value, we implemented a high performance design in our new space. The project achieved LEED Gold certification and reflects our commitment to the AIA 2030 Challenge. Our guided tour highlights the latest solutions for glare control, daylight harvesting, occupancy based receptacle switching, and other innovations that were implemented in the design.

  • Learning Objective 1: Describe how to maximize natural light and minimize glare through the use of automatic sun shades that are programmed to adjust based on a calculated sun position and feature an override scheme powered by window-mounted photocell sensors that account for current weather and sunlight conditions
  • Learning Objective 2: Discuss a daylight harvesting system that saves lighting energy demand and enhances occupant comfort by using discreet ceiling sensors to measure natural light levels through the window and adjust overhead lights to maintain 30 footcandles of light at worksurface height for each workstation
  • Learning Objective 3: Explain how the use of 100% LED lighting, occupancy sensors, and vacancy sensors helped achieve a lighting power density 40.75% below ASHRAE requirements and a total connected watt density of .59 W/SF
  • Learning Objective 4: Identify methods of achieving a mechanical energy consumption reduction of 15% and a tenant-wide energy reduction of 24%, when compared to the corresponding ASHRAE standard baseline requirements