Wilkinson Barker Knauer

©Judy Davis/Hoachlander Davis Photography

This law firm space features two types of HVAC systems: active chilled beams and variable air volume (VAV) terminal units. Interior office spaces are served by shut-off style VAV terminal units and are controlled by local, wall-mounted thermostats. Perimeter zones are served by linear active chilled beams with electric reheat coils. Dedicated thermostats controlling chilled beams are provided in each perimeter room.

The lighting fixtures are a mix of compact fluorescents and LEDs, helping achieve a total connected lighting load is 0.59 w/SF. All light fixtures within 15 feet of perimeter window walls are connected to an automatic daylight harvesting system as required by the DC Green Construction Code (DCGCC). The project was designed, permitted, and constructed under the DCGCC.

The large conference room is conditioned by both the base building VAV terminal units and ceiling-hung, water-cooled AC units. The room contains a movable partition so a separate AC unit is provided for each half of the room. The server room is provided with a precision grade water-cooled AC unit equipped with a digital scroll compressor and dehumidification capability.

A floor-mounted domestic hot water heater is provided for tenant pantries and the new shower room. The plumbing piping design includes a hot water recirculation system to improve system efficiency and decrease end-user wait times for hot water.

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