U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) Headquarters

© Eric Laignel Photography

As the creator of the LEED rating system for sustainable buildings, USGBC initiated the design of a new national headquarters that exemplifies best practices. The 2101 L Street NW office space was designed to offer 30% better air quality, save 40% more water, and use less than half the energy of a typical comparable office space. The project achieved a certification level of Platinum under the LEED for Commercial Interiors ™ rating system – the first to do so under LEED Version 3.0.

Energy reduction efforts include a demand controlled ventilation system for the conference center with heat recovery. To reduce grid demand, connections for the addition of solar were included as part of the original tenant design, and the design/build installation of a solar array is currently underway.

Sensors and automatic controls are a hallmark of the project and deliver optimum building performance. Motor-operated, auto-controlled window systems detect the intensity of the sun and adjust blinds accordingly, which maximizes views and natural light while reducing glare on workstations. As a result, the connected watt density is a mere 0.55 w/SF. To save heating and cooling costs, occupancy monitors sense when offices and workstations are occupied or vacant and adjust temperatures higher or lower by three degrees. Occupancy sensors also turn off power to electronic devices at night and outside of business hours.

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