Operations & Energy Services

Sustaining Built Environments

GHT’s Operations & Energy Services (OES) studio provides support for buildings throughout their lifecycle. We offer solutions to mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) system challenges that impact efficiency and functionality, with a focus on enhancing building performance and asset values. GHT’s OES team partners with facility owners, property managers, and building engineers to deliver:

Why Choose GHT For These Services?

  • We offer a powerful combination of field experience, design proficiency, and recognized credentials
  • We provide a holistic view of how operations and efficiency strategies affect total building performance
  • We understand how to blend theory with practical applications to deliver real world solutions

How GHT’s OES Studio Supports Your Mission

Every building owner has unique operational and economic goals. We understand that our mutual success depends on understanding your needs and tailoring a program to achieve peak value as you define it. GHT’s approach is to listen first, then apply fresh thinking to each project. Whether your goal is to reach elevated comfort and performance levels, extend the life of a building for a real estate cycle, or maximize Net Operating Income (NOI), GHT’s OES team can support your mission.