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Cooley’s space at the Warner Building was renovated and expanded in multiple phases:

  • Phase I: 60,000 SF 6th and 7th Floor Renovation
  • Phase II: 13,000 SF 6th Floor Expansion
  • Phase III: 22,000 SF 8th Floor Expansion
  • Phase IV: 20,000 SF 5th and 6th Floor Expansion

GHT provided mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) engineering design for the project. Cooling is provided by shutoff VAV terminal units with electric reheat at the perimeter; existing VAV terminal units were relocated and extended to serve the new layout. Dedicated air conditioning units are provided for the 7th floor LAN room and IDF rooms throughout the space, all of which are connected to a new drycooler and pump package on the roof.

The electrical design provides power for new lighting fixtures throughout the space, occupancy sensors for each office, and a new time clock system for automatic shut off of corridor and reception area lighting.

The law firm space includes a mix of perimeter and interior private offices; open workstations; multiple conference rooms; a case room; records and file rooms; copy/print rooms; pantry; and cyber café.

The project team ensured compliance with the DC Green Construction Code for Phase IV of the project. For that portion of the project, the design provides a 0.866 w/SF lighting power density and a 1.5 GPM pantry faucet that reduces potable water use by 33% potable water compared to baseline.

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