Insight Construct LLC

Offering an alternative approach to design-build construction.


Insight Construct was established in 2016 to further GHT Limited’s drive to innovate as a general contractor conceived from the perspective of a design engineer.

Insight Construct is a wholly owned subsidiary of GHT Limited. GHT Limited’s professionals continually discover new solutions in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems and are heavily focused on master controls integration (MCI). As design engineers, we apply creative thinking to study, design, and construct MEP systems and MCI with a focus on practical results.

Key to the founding of Insight Construct is having an enhanced understanding of design processes and being best equipped to level bids and eliminate scope gaps. For all projects, Insight Construct offers a perspective on building lifecycles (design, build, operate, and improve). Further, they improve coordination between design and construction, and more so, given their standard to always approach services in the spirit of partnership and success.

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