Washington, DC Sustainability Outlook

1 AIA LU|HSW (GHT-MEP-121823)

With recent code changes and policies, such as the DC Green Codes and Building Energy Performance Standards (BEPS) program, sustainable design is the primary focus of developers, designers, and occupants in Washington, DC. As the city sets the standard for sustainability practices across the country, a thorough understanding of requirements and trends is paramount to navigating the complexities of sustainable design.

In this session, President Patrick Kunze and Director of Sustainable Programs Meghan McAvoy will explore critical concepts, such as building energy performance, identify sustainable certifications like LEED and WELL, and explain the role of emissions tracking in creating environmentally conscious and energy-efficient buildings throughout the DMV.

  • Learning Objective 1: Understand the requirements and challenges of DC’s Building Energy Performance Standards.
  • Learning Objective 2: Become familiar with recent trends in sustainable design and how various rating systems can complement each other.
  • Learning Objective 3: Learn about recent successful projects in the DC region that address human health and sustainability.
  • Learning Objective 4: Understand the difference between embodied carbon and operational carbon, and the importance of tracking both early in design.