Meghan McAvoy

Associate, Sustainable Programs Manager

As GHT Limited’s Sustainable Programs Manager, Meghan drives the firm’s sustainable business practices and delivers comprehensive green building consulting services. Meghan’s knowledge of green building, along with her passion for sustainability, has positioned her as a resource to owners for interpretation of credit requirements, methodologies to achieve compliance, and questions on certification rating systems. In addition to project management and quality assurance on sustainability & wellness initiatives, Meghan’s extensive experience includes ENERGY STAR benchmarking, ASHRAE energy audits, and technical review of more than 100 LEED projects.

Meghan’s involvement in industry organizations, including as a member of the USGBC National Capital Region’s Market Leadership Advisory Board (MLAB) and a frequent public attendee of BEPS Task Force meetings, has positioned her as an esteemed advisor to GHT on environmental and social governance policies. As the USGBC NCR 2020 Volunteer Leadership “Member of the Year” award recipient, Meghan is often recognized for her exemplary leadership and commitment to the green building industry.