GHT Limited Launches Ghostbusting Division

56 Years in Business and Still Not Afraid of No Ghosts

ARLINGTON, VA (April 1, 2021) – GHT Limited (GHT), a leading DC metro area mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) engineering consulting firm is pleased to announce the strategic expansion of client services through the creation of its new ghostbusting studio. “GHT’s studios offer solutions based on a building lifecycle perspective. After decades of helping our clients optimize building value, energy efficiency, and occupant comfort, ghost management was the obvious next step,” said President Patrick Kunze. “For example, although we typically focus on improving thermal comfort through troubleshooting and optimizing HVAC systems, sometimes we need to consider other, more innovative possibilities. We’ve built our business by being thought leaders and now we can help our clients by investigating psychogenic chills caused by paranormal phenomena.”

The genesis of GHT’s new ghostbusting division came from GHT principal, Ray Smith, who first thought about it while working with his team to design a central plant upgrade and pipe replacement at a large multi-family building. As he surveyed the piping beneath the building, he crawled through the dimly lit space and thought he heard a rat (or was it a ghost?) scurrying in the dark. He thought, “Surely there are better uses for my talents and this amazing white protective bodysuit.” After further discussion with GHT’s leadership team, everyone agreed that the investigation of paranormal phenomena in commercial office, hospitality, and multifamily buildings was an untapped market that could offer tremendous opportunity.

It was easy recruiting members for this new studio. Ilona Johnson and Bailey Estes stepped up and shared that, in addition to their engineering degrees, they were each qualified as certified ghost whisperers. As such, they are prepared to help our clients free their buildings of dark energy that might create fear, anguish, or nightmares for the living.

Before her first on-site visit, Ilona explained her interest in ghostbusting this way, “Imagine all life as you know it stopping instantaneously and every molecule in your body exploding at the speed of light. I do this to make sure that never happens!”

Bailey added, “You know, if we didn’t do what we do, it could result in total protonic reversal. You don’t want to be around if that happens.”

Rest assured everyone; you are in good hands with GHT. An award-winning MEP consulting firm with more than five decades’ experience delivering value for its Mid-Atlantic clients, GHT Limited is proud to further expand its services. It will continue offering its expertise in MEP systems, new construction, tenant improvement, fire protection engineering, and energy retrofits. Now our team of talented engineers will also be able to support its client base with this incredible ghostbusting division.

Happy April Fools’ Day!