Lionel Taylor, II


Lionel brings a broad range of skills and qualifications in his role as a Principal and Section Head in GHT’s Interiors Studio. In addition to electrical design, he is responsible for project management and quality control to ensure technical accuracy, design excellence, and cross-discipline coordination. Lionel specializes in tenant interiors, healthcare, and government projects, completing a variety of spaces for high-profile clients.

With 25 years of experience at the firm, Lionel remains singularly focused on completing projects on time and within budget. He is recognized by clients and peers as a project manager who always “gets the job done”. Lionel is passionate about sharing his knowledge and expertise with emerging leaders while continuing to hone his skills as industry technology evolves. His collaborative nature and technological proficiency have positioned him as a trusted advisor to clients and a respected mentor to colleagues. When Lionel is not downtown at a site survey or flipping through drawings with an architect team, he enjoys spending time with his daughter and wife, or fishing on the Chesapeake Bay.