Summer Interns Reflect on Their Time at GHT

Q&A With GHT’s Summer 2020 Interns

This summer, GHT welcomed four interns, Mechanical Engineering Interns, Alec, Jen, and Natalya and Electrical Engineering Intern, Mo to our Interiors, Building Systems, and Operations and Energy Services (OES) studios. During their time with us, they gained firsthand experience in MEP Engineering, visited project sites, and participated in various courses covering the business and marketing side of engineering. Before leaving to resume their classes in the fall, each intern took the time to answer a few questions about their experience at GHT and what they are most looking forward to as they return to school.

What did you learn while working at GHT over the summer?

Alec: “Interning for GHT gave me the opportunity to learn a lot about the MEP engineering industry. Some project tasks I was able to work on included drafting ductwork, piping, and floorplans in AutoCAD MEP, completing a field observation report after surveying an educational facility, and researching air quality improvement strategies to prevent COVID-19 spread in office spaces.”

Jen: “This summer at GHT I had the chance to become more familiar with AUTOCAD and learn how to use heating and cooling design and analysis software.”

Natalya: “My experience at GHT has taught me many things. Prior to working at GHT, I had not worked in CAD. The GMU curriculum centers around MATLAB. I greatly appreciated learning CAD and seeing its real-world application in the workplace. It has expanded skills and allowed me to greater explore my future career path. It was exciting to recreate details in CAD and learn how to read the architects’ drawings. Second, my time here at GHT has sharpened my communication and problem-solving skills and expanded my understanding of teamwork in a professional work environment. Despite Covid-19 restrictions, it has been invaluable to experience the actual work culture and interact with engineering professionals.”

Mo: “I learned a lot about AutoCAD MEP as well as Revit! Beyond just software skills though, I learned a lot of information about how to advance in the MEP field, including which certifications are important, as well as what each certification means and is comprised of. I also learned a lot about how buildings are circuited and powered in general!”


What was your favorite part of the internship?

Alec: “My favorite part of the internship was going on surveys. I loved seeing all the work shown in CAD come to life. In my opinion, this is one of the coolest and most rewarding parts of being an engineer, and I’m really looking forward to experiencing more of it.”

Jen: “My favorite part is getting to know the interiors studio and going on-site surveys with them to see projects translated from drawings to buildings.”

Natalya: “My favorite part of the internship undoubtedly was interacting with and learning from the GHT engineers. Although in-person contact was limited, I greatly appreciated the sharing of information and the professional feedback given.”

 Mo: “My favorite part of the internship was probably surveying on sites! It was really cool to see what we were modeling in CAD in person, and it helped with my understanding of how everything works, and the way things are circuited.”


What are you most looking forward to when you go back to school?

Alec: “I’m most looking forward to reconnecting with my friends once I go back to school and making the most out of my last year of college.”

Jen: “In the fall I am looking forward to continuing my engineering studies and spending more time outside, with many classes moving online this semester.”

Natalya: “As a rising Senior, I look forward to both completing my studies and playing my last year of college lacrosse. It is uncertain how either will look. Although I would prefer to return to campus, I have adjusted to online learning.  As lacrosse is a spring sport, I remain hopeful that the season will be played. I also am looking forward to planning and taking the next steps in my professional journey. I am thankful for the opportunities and knowledge gained at GHT!”

Mo: “I’m most looking forward to starting my job as a Resident Advisor again! I really like helping freshmen navigate their way around Virginia Tech, and with the ongoing COVID pandemic, I’m sure they’ll have even more questions than usual. I’m also excited to start my classes and see my friends (from 6 feet apart) again.”