Volkswagen of America Headquarters

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Volkswagen of America relocated its US headquarters from Detroit to Northern Virginia. GHT designed systems for the new office space and showroom in Herndon.

A six-story atrium provided a unique challenge, to which GHT responded with an extensive Atrium Smoke Evacuation system for fire protection and life safety. The design team also installed a new tenant uninterruptable power system (UPS) and generator system for the data center and atrium exhaust system.

The project achieved a certification level of Silver under the LEED for Commercial Interiors™ rating system. Sustainable features include:

  • Two condenser water air handling units (AHUs) per floor, fed from a central system on the roof; the AHUs serve multiple fan-powered and shut-off variable air volume (VAV) terminal units
  • Measurement and regulation of outdoor airflow rate via airflow monitoring stations
  • T5 and compact fluorescent light fixtures
  • Occupancy sensors provided for all spaces
  • Task lights provided for individual control
  • Retrofit of core restrooms and pantry sinks with 0.5 gallon-per-minute aerators on faucets
  • Low-flow shower heads
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