Thomson Reuters Data Centers

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Thomson Reuters initiated infrastructure upgrades in two primary corporate data centers to meet its projected future technology requirements. The mission critical space was distributed between one 60,000 SF building and one 65,000 SF building, each with 40,000 SF of raised floor.

GHT provided mechanical engineering design for a central plant mechanical upgrade, which included the addition of computer room air conditioners (CRAC) and the construction of a parallel piping system which would deliver regular city water to the air conditioners. GHT also performed systems commissioning, and created a computational fluid dynamics model of the raised floor areas. The project required that the mechanical piping system have the ability to be shut down without an information systems outage.

An uninterruptable power system (UPS) room is conditioned by two air cooled and one water cooled CRAC unit, while the tape room is conditioned by rack mounted cooling modules (XDV), each of which is connected to two sources of power, one primary and one secondary.

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