South Carolina Electric & Gas (SCANA) Corporation


The fundamental commissioning effort for SCANA’s headquarters included an overall simulated full load test, utilizing electric resistance load banks in office spaces, data center and emergency operations center. The building’s mechanical system uses displacement ventilation, wherein CHW-fed, low pressure, constant volume, rooftop air handling units (AHUs) provide conditioned air to the occupied spaces via vertically ducted risers, underfloor “highways,” open raised access flooring (RAF) plenum areas, manually adjustable floor diffusers, and local, thermostatically controlled perimeter variable air volume (VAV) boxes.

The data center areas are on RAF and conditioned by CHW-fed Liebert CRAC units located equidistant around the perimeter of the respective areas. During IST of the data center areas, GHT quantified the vertical temperature gradient to ascertain whether the upper blade servers would receive adequate cooling.

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