PNC Place

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PNC Place was recognized as the largest LEED Platinum building in Washington, DC, and one of only seven commercial office buildings in the District to achieve the Platinum level, at the time of its certification. It was also the first LEED Platinum building in PNC’s real estate portfolio. The project achieved a certification level of Platinum under the LEED for Core & Shell™ rating system. Sustainable features in the 12-story building include:

  • Eco-lobby uses a two story water wall, radiant heating and cooling, and minimal forced air to condition the space
  • An eco-garden that covers 50% of the roof and uses vegetation to reduce storm water runoff
  • Graywater system
  • The collection of storm water and cooling tower blowdown for irrigation use
  • High efficiency plumbing fixtures, including waterless urinals
  • High efficiency HVAC system with heat recovery that promotes the free exchange of heating and cooling from exhaust air
  • Floor-by-floor variable air volume (VAV) air handlers that employ engineered arrays of small fans to create peak efficiencies  by providing supply air to hybrid, low-temp terminal units powered by low-profile fans
  • LED lighting & occupancy sensors that reduce energy use in the garage
  • The generation of 35% of building electricity through renewable sources
  • A control system that allows occupants to adjust individual office temperatures
  • CO2 sensors in conference rooms that ensure heating, cooling and outside air is provided only when occupied
  • A blinds and louver system that optimizes daylighting
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