Net Zero Energy Confidential Client Headquarters

Confidential NZE Headquarters

GHT Limited provided pre-design and consulting services for this contemplated Net Zero Energy (NZE) Confidential Client Headquarters in Washington, DC; ultimately, the owner decided not to proceed with construction due to funding. Our expertise was enlisted to complete early design documents for this 257,920 SF commercial office building, designed to achieve LEED Platinum certification and Net Zero Energy (NZE) certification. The building utilizes Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS) technology and included rooftop solar arrays to offset building energy consumption. The building employs a blend of strategies to achieve Net Zero Energy – including geothermal systems, radiant heating/cooling, high performance exterior glazing, a green roof and wall systems, low-flow plumbing fixtures and a living machine designed to reuse storm and gray water. The building includes advanced energy monitoring and controls systems.

GHT also provided energy modeling services as the building’s initial design was contemplated.

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