GSA Central Swing Space at One Constitution Square

GSA Central’s Swing Space at One Constitution Square features a modular design intended to increase flexibility and decrease costs of future reconfigurations. GHT created a design that requires minimal mechanical and electrical modifications, working in concert with adaptable systems furniture and demountable partitions. Power and data were installed in open areas identified for expansion to minimize future coordination.

To support GSA’s goal of executing quick, seamless reconfigurations, the GHT team created a highly-efficient HVAC system design that can be adjusted without above-ceiling modifications. It uses an air side economizer in tandem with the VAV delivery system to create multiple small temperature zones rather than a few large zones. System controls were integrated into the furniture and partitions.

The project achieved a certification level of Platinum under the LEED for Commercial Interiors™ rating system. The design delivers a 60% reduction in water use through a graywater system. It uses cooling tower blowdown and condensate from air handlers to provide nearly all of the water required for use by water closets and urinals. Additional sustainable features include:

  • Reduction in lighting power 15% below ASHRAE 90.1-2007 standards
  • Individual temperature controls for all private offices
  • Ceiling-mounted occupancy sensors in open office areas
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