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GHT has been practicing sustainable design for decades – before it was a buzz word or an industry standard. To align with that core value, we implemented a high performance design in our new space. The project earned a certification level of Gold under the LEED® for Commercial Interiors™ rating system and reflects our commitment to the AIA 2030 Challenge. Notably, the design achieved a lighting power density 40.75% below ASHRAE requirements and earned all five points under the Energy & Atmosphere Credit 1.1, as well as Innovation in Design Exemplary Performance credits under SSc2 and EAc1.1. Sustainable design features include:

  • 100% LED lighting that helps achieve the 40.75% reduction in lighting power density, delivering a total connected watt density of 0.59 w/SF
  • Lutron automatic shades that automatically adjust based on calculated sun location to maximize natural light and minimize glare
  • Lutron daylight harvesting lighting control system that takes advantage of sunlight to maintain 30 foot candles at the worksurface and reduce overhead lighting power accordingly
  • Lutron occupancy sensors in open studio areas that turn lights on when occupancy is detected and turn lights off after 15 minutes of vacancy
  • Lutron vacancy sensors in conference centers and huddle rooms that require users to turn lights on when they enter; lights automatically turn off after 15 minutes of vacancy
  • Wattstopper occupancy sensors at workstations that automatically turn off loads connected to a surge protector/plug strip when the occupant is away for more than 15 minutes
  • 33% savings in potable water consumption, achieved with 1.1/1.6 gallon per flush (GPF) dual flush water closets; 0.35 gallon per minute (GPM) aerators on core lavatories; .25 GPF valves on core urinals; and 1.5 GPM pantry sinks
  • Selection of ENERGY STAR labeled equipment for 91% of appliances and computers and 98% of lighting controls
  • Two supplemental air conditioning units in the Local Area Network (LAN) room: a Liebert computer grade AC unit that is connected to the building condenser water system to take advantage of the efficiency of evaporative cooling, and a Daikin split system that provides back up reliability independent of the building mechanical system
  • Special exhaust fan to serve in-suite clothing storage closet for employees that bike to work

The above energy conservation measures resulted in a mechanical energy consumption reduction of 15% and a tenant-wide energy reduction of 24%, when compared to the corresponding ASHRAE standard baseline requirements. We also integrated a Periscope dashboard in the lobby to encourage awareness of our energy use. The dynamic kiosk offers real-time consumption data, historic performance information, and multimedia presentations on our high performance space and commitment to sustainable design. Tracking energy usage to understand where and how it is being used not only allows the technical staff to optimize operations and eliminate waste, it also helps individuals understand how their actions can affect the environment and ultimately promote lasting change.

The design offers a more modern aesthetic and a functional open plan that encourages collaboration. The use of light colors in systems furniture and bright shades of paint allows natural light to penetrate deep into the space, maximizing the benefits of daylight harvesting. Shorter partitions provide access to outdoor views for the staff. To support our focus on education and knowledge sharing, the office features multiple conference spaces with videoconference capabilities and eight huddle rooms for small group meetings.

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