George Mason University | Shenandoah Dining Renovation

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George Mason University (GMU) renovated and expanded the former Ike’s Diner to create the new Shenandoah Dining Center. GHT provided mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) engineering design to upgrade or replace the majority of the existing MEP infrastructure. The modernized dining center includes an updated kitchen, new servery, and a community-focused dining area. It offers 24/7 service and accommodates approximately 600 diners.

To expedite the BCOM approval process and keep the project on schedule, GMU and the design team met with BCOM reviewers to discuss review comments for response agreement.

The building is served by the campus chilled water plant with air distribution provided by an existing indoor air handling unit (AHU). Multiple new AHUs were placed on the roof, one of which supplies 100% outside air to help keep the building properly balanced and pressured. This HVAC system provides approximately 150 tons of cooling to the building.

Electrical service to the building was upgraded to adequately serve the renovated kitchen and dining space. A standby generator was added to support maintaining service during power outages. The renovation also included the addition of new restrooms to serve the multipurpose area of the building and the conversion of existing storage space into offices.

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