Discovery Communications HQ


Discovery Communications’ headquarters was certified LEED Platinum under the LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance™ rating system. GHT supported this achievement by providing fundamental and enhanced commissioning for the facility.

The team reviewed the primary/secondary chilled water generation and distribution mechanical system, which includes several 100% O.A. CHW fed air handling units (AHUs) in the mechanical penthouse that serve floor-by-floor VFD-controlled variable air volume (VAV) AHUs. Those serve both fan-powered series flow terminal units and non fan-powered pinch-off terminals.

Electrical switchgear located on the first garage level supplies utility power at 480v 3ph, feeding distribution panelboards, transformers, panelboards, MCCs, and other distribution apparatuses. Emergency power is provided via a 1750 KW diesel generator in the mechanical penthouse, several ATSs, and associated F.O. system. The plumbing system included sewage ejectors and sump pumps with associated dedicated controllers on the lowest level of the underground parking garage, local alarms, and a connection the EMS to notify the Building Engineer of an alarm condition.

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