1777 North Kent Street | Rosslyn Plaza North

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Rosslyn Plaza North was originally built in 1980. The building is being refreshed and updated to extend its useful life. The major component of the modernization is an overhaul of its mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) equipment and systems.

The existing built-up central chilled water mechanical systems are being replaced with floor-by-floor water-cooled self-contained variable air volume (VAV) units (ACUs) served by a high efficiency condenser water central plant for heat rejection. This approach offered both attractive performance and energy savings while respecting first cost objectives for the building modernization. The ACUs provide conditioned air to VAV units located throughout the building via medium pressure supply ducts. Outside air is supplied by an energy recovery unit (ERU) mounted on the roof and distributed to individual ACUs by a shaft in the building’s core.

A majority of the building’s electrical infrastructure was able to be reused, with spot updates and modifications made where necessary. Most plumbing piping and wet stacks were retained, while all core restrooms were renovated with new fixtures and finishes. New water heaters to serve the building’s domestic hot water needs were added at the plaza and penthouse levels.

In addition to the core MEP system updates, the building also has been upgraded with a new fire alarm system, refurbished and expanded lobby, new fitness center, and a new conference center added at the penthouse level.

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