1725 Duke Street | HVAC Retrofit

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The HVAC retrofit for this existing, operational, seven-story office building included the replacement of six existing water cooled air conditioning (AC) units and two water source heat pumps, as well as a new, open protocol building management system (BMS). GHT provided mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) engineering design for the project.

The water cooled AC units serving Floors 2-7 are pre-manufactured units in the 45 to 50 ton range and are capable of being disassembled along pre-design factory splits to allow for transport and installation. The two water-source heat pumps units are smaller units located on the first floor.

The BMS scope included the installation of a new, expandable, open source system capable of controlling the existing base building equipment and new AC units, with the exception of the existing VAV boxes. The previously existing control system will continue to monitor and control the VAV boxes until all floors are renovated and new VAV boxes and controllers are installed and connected to the new BMS.

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