1401 New York Avenue NW Repositioning

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1401 New York Avenue NW is being repositioned as a Class A office building. The renovation of the occupied 12-story property includes upgrades to building systems, a new floor-to-ceiling glass façade, and enhancements to core and amenity spaces. GHT is providing mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) engineering design for the project.

The existing condenser water system is being upgraded to a Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS) serving DOAS fan-powered terminal units with electric reheat in tenant spaces. Chilled water for the DOAS system will be provided by two new magnetic bearing centrifugal chillers.

New mechanical systems will serve the updated lobbies and core restrooms. A new fitness center and conference center are being added to the lower level. The rooftop will be enhanced by the addition of a terrace for tenant enjoyment. To accommodate this new feature, the building’s elevator system will be extended to the roof, air conditioning will be added to the rooftop lobby, and a new beverage/pantry area will provide catering space for events.

GHT provided input on value engineering exercises that has allowed the project to maximize the impact of improvements.

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