Morty Zemedhun

Senior Associate, CADD & Revit Operations Coordinator

As the CADD and Revit Operations Coordinator, Morty Zemedhun manages GHT’s use of Autodesk® AutoCAD® and Revit® MEP. As a strategic partner to the corporate leadership team, Morty assists in setting the firm’s technological vision and provides directions for software use. In addition, he develops user standards and oversees GHT’s approach to training and implementation with a focus on design team collaboration.

Specifically for Revit® MEP, Morty guides engineers through an immersive training program where they hone their skills on simulated projects before they are assigned active projects. To guarantee comprehensive communication and education across the firm, Morty ensures that engineers from each discipline are represented in his training programs.

For nearly 40 years, Morty has ensured that GHT stays on pace with design technologies and remains a leading service provider among consulting engineering firms. Outside of work, Morty enjoys photography and gardening.