Bill Gerke, PE

As a Senior Principal and the Director of Technology, Bill combines his background in engineering design and a passion for technological innovation to position GHT on the cutting edge of engineering firms. He monitors advancements in technology that help us deliver projects on budget and on schedule. Bill’s holistic understanding of the design and construction process ensures that GHT’s technology platform supports the delivery of exceptional client service.

How long have you been at GHT? 37 years

What inspired you to pursue a career in the AEC industry? Honestly, I was very good at math and enjoyed it, so my high school guidance counselor suggested engineering.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced? Staying on top of changing industry trends, changing technology, tighter time frames, tighter budgets…and the economy.

What are some characteristics of leadership at an MEP firm? Leadership can obviously take on many forms, but in general I think you need excellent people management skills, project management skills, proven knowledge and experience/expertise in your field, and the ability to share/teach/mentor the younger or newer, less-experienced staff.


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