ENERGY STAR® Benchmarking

Competition to achieve the ENERGY STAR in Washington, DC and the surrounding metro areas grows every year. GHT can help your building remain a strong contender. Our licensed Professional Engineers (PEs) will assist you with entering property and energy meter information, identifying efficiency upgrades, planning capital improvements, and reducing utility bills to support maintaining and improving your building’s score. GHT is well positioned to be your partner in navigating the ENERGY STAR process successfully.


  • We have performed more than 1,000 ENERGY STAR benchmarks
  • We have helped more than 70 building owners, property managers, and end users achieve an ENERGY STAR label
  • More than 90% of our ENERGY STAR benchmarks are performed for repeat clients
  • We have 27 Professional Engineers (PEs) on staff

Services to Support ENERGY STAR Certification

  • Single-Building Benchmarking
  • Portfolio-Wide Benchmarking
  • Portfolio Manager Support
  • District of Columbia Benchmarking Compliance Support
  • Data Verification Checklist – Compliance Walk-Throughs Performed By Licensed Professionals
  • Score Maintenance and Improvement Consulting
  • No Cost/Low Cost Energy Improvement Recommendations to Support Certification

In addition to ENERGY STAR certification support, learn more about how our Building Energy Services can help maximize performance and efficiency.



Contact us to schedule a meeting with your property management and building engineering team to review low cost/no cost strategies to improve your ENERGY STAR Score.

Request a proposal for an Energy Savings Study or Equipment/Systems Upgrade.

Ready to apply for an ENERGY STAR Label? If your building is already eligible for an Energy Star award, contact us to set up an application audit.