GHT Limited Celebrates Energy Efficiency Day

Members of GHT’s Sustainable Programs Studio and Operations & Energy Services Studio Share Important Tips on Saving Energy

October 7, 2020, is Energy Efficiency Day! Energy Efficiency Day is a day that brings together a growing network of advocates, companies, government agencies, utilities, and others who showcase the benefits of energy efficiency. This year marks the 5th annual celebration and includes 751 participants sharing useful information about energy efficiency.

To celebrate the importance of energy efficiency, members of our Operations and Energy Services Studio and Sustainable Programs Studio shared important tips and tricks to save energy, whether it’s at home or on project sites.

Senior Associate, Laura Morder shares her tips for saving energy at home:

“Energy efficiency is at the heart and soul of what we do every day, not just at work but also at home. So many facets of our daily lives – sleeping, eating, working, exercising, socializing, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic – are tied to buildings and it is important that we integrate high efficient equipment selection, architectural space planning, building operations, and maintenance programs to provide a sustainable, healthy future for our families and community.

My husband and I recently replaced the original HVAC system in our home and chose a high-efficiency system so that we could benefit from long term cost savings on the equipment’s operation, which is a direct result of the high part-load efficiency ratings. We are using a digital, touchscreen controller with a remote app for management of the system’s operation, even while away from home, and opted for a wider filter rack to accommodate a MERV 11 filter for increased particulate filtration and improved indoor air quality.”

Associate, Jeremy Plitt also works on energy savings at home. He talks about focusing on reducing energy consumed by light fixtures:

“I’ve made the lighting in my home energy efficient by (1) replacing all the 35+ 16W CFL bulbs in my house with 9W dimmable LED bulbs, (2) replacing the five chandelier 40W bulbs with dimmable 4W bulbs, (3) replacing the 40W microwave lights with 4W, (4) replacing the two 60W incandescent bulbs that were outside above the garage and front door with 7W Uluxus LED bulbs, and (5) replacing the 100W lighting bulb in the garage with five 17W bulbs that together provide 5x the lumens in the garage.  Essentially, I reduced the lighting consumption in an Energy Star rated home by approximately 75 percent. You have to become crazy about light bulbs by taking an inventory of the light bulbs in your house and finding LED equivalents to replace them with.”

Lastly, Catherine Jones from our OES Studio has been working on making her home office more energy efficient. “Energy efficiency isn’t just determined by our appliances, but also our home construction. Using heavy curtains can prevent exterior temperature leakage through our windows. In the winter months, area rugs help to insulate a room. As a bonus, both measures help in sound dampening. For those still working at home it’s another way to make your working space better, and your living space more comfortable!”

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GHT’s Operations & Energy Services (OES) studio provides support for buildings throughout their lifecycle. We offer solutions to mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) system challenges that impact efficiency and functionality, with a focus on enhancing building performance and asset values. GHT’s OES team partners with facility owners, property managers, and building engineers to deliver building energy services, commissioning, and building operations consulting.

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