Apply Early to Stay Ahead of New ENERGY STAR Rating Method

ENERGY STAR & EPA Announce Official Date Changes Take Effect 

Competition to achieve ENERGY STAR certification in the DC Metro Area grows every year, and with new regulations to ENERGY STAR scores quickly approaching, now is the time to re-certify. GHT has helped more than 70 building owners, property managers, and end users achieve the ENERGY STAR label and performed more than 1,000 benchmarks – making us an ideal partner in navigating the ENERGY STAR process successfully.

On August 26, ENERGY STAR changes will cause current scores to drop by 8-15 points. To ensure application submittals prior to the ENERGY STAR score changes occurring, the EPA will allow early applications in 2018.

  • Policy for 2018 Only: All buildings that earned 2017 ENERGY STAR certification will be eligible to apply for 2018 certification using a “Year Ending Date” of April 30, 2018, regardless of their ending date in 2017. (Note that if your next eligible ending date in 2018 was already earlier, such as 2/28 or 3/31, you will still be able to use that earlier date.)

The EPA also set the date for score updates to August 26. This means that if your application is generated and submitted before the score changes take effect, and no regenerations/resubmissions are necessary, you can use the current scores. To help with this, the EPA provided the following guidelines for submission dates:

  • Applications submitted:
    • Before July 26, 2018 and which require no significant follow-up or changes, will be guaranteed to be approved and awarded certification using the existing score models.
    • July 26 – August 26 may be evaluated using the updated score models, especially if significant follow-up or changes to the application are required.
    • After August 26 will be evaluated using the updated score models.

With that in mind, after April 30, applications should be submitted as soon as possible and certainly no later than July 26 for property types being updated. Score changes in August will not impact Data Centers, Hospitals, Multifamily Housing, or Senior Care Communities.

GHT can help you identify any potential red flags in the application to avoid significant follow up and pre-emptively answer questions with the submission.

For assistance navigating these new ENERGY STAR regulations and certifying as soon as possible, contact our Operations and Energy Services team at or send them a share request within Portfolio Manger at jeffreysalay or catherinejonesGHT.


Information in this update has been provided by Danielle Wilmont of the ENERGY STAR support team.